When purchasing an order please take a careful look at the products. We recommend you use a PC or laptop for greater functionality and to take advantage of our rollover feature on the pictures for an easy up close look at the item(s) you are interested in, but our site works and was developed with phones in mind as well.

Read the descriptions, any add-ons such as printed inner sleeves, posters, inserts, enquete cards, obis etc. will be mentioned there, as well as any defects to those items. If you don't see those items in the pictures, or descriptions then they are not available. Check photos for the presence of Obi tags.

In the case of 1st pressings, we will give that information in the description as well. We only note 1st pressings when we can confirm them completely. In a case where an album was released and manufactured at several pressing plants it is impossible to know which came first so we identify them as original pressings, but rest assured these records are confirmed 1st issue releases. The re issues will be noted in the information on record company, mono/stereo, catalog # etc.


At checkout you will have an array of options for the shipping method that suits you the best. You may want to take advantage of our "Open Box" option to combine shipping on more than one order. Just click the "Open Box" before payment and you will not be charged shipping on your order. This is a great way to save money on shipping and we are happy to be able to offer it to our valued customers. When you are ready to have your package shipped, notify us and we will merge your orders and send you a shipping invoice for the courier/mail service of your choosing. We are happy to advise on the most economic method.


When purchasing please note East West Records will be insuring your packages with no extra cost to you. A destroyed or missing package will be covered, but if the courier/mail service claims your package was delivered and has proof of delivery, it makes things more complicated, so please watch your tracking updates for an idea of when your package will arrive. We suggest using a required signature to prevent any theft from your front door. It is an extra cost, but if you are expecting an expensive package it will give you peace of mind. Redirecting your package to a pick up point, or a PO box are also safe options. If your package does not arrive, or does and it's damaged please notify us at our email address and we will take care of the process but will need a written statement, pictures or other additional information. Please note in the case of no shows, we can't initiate a claim until 21 days days after the original shipping date. In the case of a destroyed parcel we can initiate the claim immediately. Pictures on the buyers end may be required upon request.


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